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Adapt and Thrive

We give power service experts, testers, and stakeholders the tools and information they need to streamline operations, edge out competitors, and stay relevant.

We are your new data strategy

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Harness the Power of Data 

eGalvanic is a sophisticated, end-to-end analytics and operations solution for electrical distribution systems. Our platform non-invasively transforms all data generated by facility stakeholders into efficiency, insight, and revenue.

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Conduct and store all work orders digitally in one centralized location

Whether you’re handling acceptance testing, maintenance, infrared scanning, or any combination of the three, our comprehensive work order management suite allows for easy and simple collaboration between the field, the back office, and any other executive or customer stakeholders - even offline.

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Proactively navigate regulatory challenges, and receive alerts on assets that are due for maintenance

Our platform helps you systematically stay on top of all NFPA 70E requirements, and in compliance with NETA-suggested preventive maintenance intervals, to more effectively and efficiently manage assets across your portfolio. Help your clients avoid unplanned downtime and keep their insurance premiums low.

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Actively control and maintain accurate digital single-line diagrams

Eliminate the need for periodic facility audits with our digital single-line diagrams. We capture all electrical distribution maintenance and service activity, and keep it organized and up-to-date, putting everything needed for the next Coordination or Arc Flash Study into the hands of engineers, without the need for repetitive data collection.

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Hear It from Our Customers

“We had no idea how much data we were sitting on, or how powerful it was, until we leveraged this platform. eGalvanic completely changed the game.”

Robert, Director of Operations, National Electrical Service Provider

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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