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Additional Revenue.
Zero Risk.

We give power service experts, testers, and stakeholders the tools and information they need to streamline operations, edge out competitors, and stay relevant.

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What We Offer

egalvanic offers a comprehensive collection of software solutions for all electrical stakeholders - from third-party contractors to facility owners. 

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Stay of top of 70B Compliance

Leverage egalvanic's NFPA® 70B Compliance Toolkit to automate all compliance interval planning, record-keeping, and maintenance deployment.

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Harness the Power of Data

Individual and network analytics help our users identify deviations, track trends, and proactively address issues for optimized asset performance.

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Build a Recurring Revenue Business

Who doesn't want recurring revenue, especially at software company margins? egalvanic unlocks a whole new world of opportunity for our clients. 

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Automate Field & Back Office Ops

Create work orders, connect quotes to work orders, release work orders to the field, track progress against work orders, and more, using egalvanic. 

Turn your data into high-margin business.

We figured this part was important, so we put it on the front page. egalvanic is here to help you build a recurring revenue software business outside of your core set of activities. It'll be a collaborative effort, of course, but the good news is that we'll do most of the heavy-lifting. 

We are your new data strategy.

NETA® Alliance 

AutoDesk® Partner



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