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Infrared Thermography Application

Egalvanic is Infrared Thermography software at its finest, and when it comes to IR Scanning, we are all about speed. Our IR Scanning application supports both online and offline data collection, and is compatible with the entire line-up of FLIR® cameras. 

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Drastically Reduce Cost-to-Scan

By QR-coding assets, logging location data, and setting efficient routes through known facilities, cost-to-scan, in terms of thermography hours, can be reduced by as much as 50% when measured against a base case.

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Automatic, Branded Reporting

Egalvanic makes automatic, robust report generation as easy as clicking a button. It doesn't matter if you've infrared scanned one circuit breaker or one hundred thousand of them! All reporting tools are FLIR® camera-compatible. 

Let's Transform the Electrical Services Industry

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