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Mass Acceptance Testing Application

Egalvanic's Mass Acceptance Testing Application was designed with behemoth data center projects in mind. Pre-prepare thousands of test forms of any degree of complexity, and flexibly wrangle reams of field data, collected either on- or offline, seamlessly integrated field and back office applications.

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Full-Service Test Forms Application

Whether you're testing insulation resistance on a breaker, or simply dusting off the front of a panel, Egalvanic supports your data - even offline.

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Bulk Processing Operational Features

With Egalvanic, users can edit hundreds of form submissions simultaneously, copy data from one form to another, create hundreds of copies at once, and more.

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Automatic, Branded Reporting

Egalvanic makes automatic, robust report generation as easy as clicking a button. It doesn't matter if you've tested one breaker or one thousand.

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