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Arc Flash Auditing Toolkit

Arc Flash Audits are a pain - but they don't have to be. Egalvanic helps Engineers, Facility Owners, and everyone in between share information, keep models up-to-date, and reduce both the effort and monetary requirements of a 5-year Coordination Study / Arc Flash Label refresh. 

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Drastically Reduce Cost-to-Audit

The most expensive, time-consuming aspect of an Arc Flash or Coordination Study is the field audit. With Egalvanic, most data you need is already on-hand, and any pending data gaps are readily identifiable.

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Upload Model Data directly into SKM®

Our Data Connector Tools enable Egalvanic's digital one-line models to be uploaded directly into SKM®, EasyPower, ETAP, etc. - or, downloaded from it! No more double-entry, no more engineering headaches.

Let's Transform the Electrical Services Industry

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